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Treehouse on stilts

Bespoke Cabin's & Treehouse's

The Treehouse

There are all different shapes and sizes of trees and just like the trees, there are all different shapes and sizes of treehouses making each and every one truly unique!


So as a completely bespoke project, a treehouse build will always start with a site visit for us to meet with you, discuss your ideas and carry out a full site survey. From there we can have your dream treehouse drawn up to scale and then nail down the finer details, until you are completely happy and chomping at the bit for us to get building!

Treehouse on stilts

The Method

We use the most tree friendly hardware available to attach structures to the tree or trees, TAB’s (Treehouse attachment bolts) have been tried and tested for over 30 years in the treehouse building business and are proven to be the least damaging and most accepted by the trees themselves. There are also other elements of hardware which can be used alongside the TAB’s to allow for a higher load so long as the tree can handle it!

Treehouse Hardware

The Planning

Unfortunately a treehouse almost certainly means you need planning consent, advice on planning can be found in our planning section and we have recommended specialists available should you need them.

Cabin build

Farmer diversification & land owners

We have worked with land owners to provide unique cabin/treehouse accommodations, which are now thriving businesses within the leisure/holiday sector.


The returns on your investment are substantial and can see the full project costs paid off in as little as 2 years!

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The Trees

Some trees are better than others to attach to, first and foremost the tree must be healthy and it’s always better to use mature trees (at least 300mm trunk diameter) that are not only stronger but also have more energy reserves to get used to their new decorative companion.


We would always recommend a survey to be carried out by an Arboriculturalist or tree surgeon to ascertain tree health and any potential problems such as disease or dead limbs that need to be addressed, which we can help to organise should you wish.


Some of the most suitable trees are Oak, Beech, Hornbeam, Larch, Ash to name a few and some of the least suitable being Spruce, Willow and Poplar. But even with the less suitable trees and younger immature trees, it is still possible to create a treehouse by adding extra support by way of timber stilts that can be crafted into the structure to look appealing to the design and can also hide services running to the treehouse if needed.

Sussex Woodland

The Price

As a truly bespoke project every treehouse will be different but to give you an idea, a simple, single tree treehouse deck with balustrade and rope ladder would be around £10k. Fully insulated for all year round use, mains services with multiple rooms and levels would be more like £100k + and plenty of options in between to suit most budgets large or small.

Treehouse Platform

No Tree?!

Should you not have any trees at all available for your treehouse, we can as mentioned above always substitute with stilts for a treehouse inspired structure, still giving you the birds eye view.

Cabin in the trees
Bespoke cabins

Let's make it happen!

If you simply cannot wait to start creating your dream treehouse, hit the enquire now button below..

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