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Sussex Woodland

Farmer diversification & land owners

We have worked with land owners to provide unique cabin/treehouse accommodations, which are now thriving businesses within the leisure/holiday sector. The returns on your investment are substantial and can see the full project costs paid off in as little as 2 years!


Planning can be simpler than you think especially with regards to farmers needing to diversify and there are third party companies that can provide exemption certificates in some circumstances, which avoid the need for planning altogether.

If needed, we have planning specialists available to guide you through the red tape and help to submit a strong positive application.


We believe our cabins provide something truly unique by way of character and the wholesome, natural very low toxin way in which they are created, providing a low allergy, calming, detoxifying place for your clients to relax in and come back to their own true nature.


If this is something you are thinking of doing or if you would like to discuss the option of hosting a cabin without lifting a finger and completely hassle free, then we would love to hear from you!

Let’s Work Together

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