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Our Story

The name Wildly Crafted comes from our love of natural materials and the way in which we like to work with them, crafting to a degree but letting them speak for themselves and keep a raw natural state, a blend of wild and tamed.

Building cabins and treehouse's fits perfectly with this ethos, creating magical spaces for people to escape & find their way back to nature. Spaces that feel like they were organically grown in their surroundings, rather than constructed on a plot.

We use sustainable, natural materials that are not only kinder on the planet and to work with, but also kind on the people who use our Wildly Crafted cabin's and treehouse's. By minimising VOC's and toxins throughout the whole build process, we are creating healthy, organic, breathable spaces to be in.


About Us

To keep inline with a professional website, maybe we should be writing this in third person (and definitely not using our wedding photo!) However we have built this website ourselves, just like we personally work on every aspect of the business! So this is us, John and Cara Nicholls, speaking from the heart!

Wildly Crafted was born after a long period of questioning everything!

From the food we eat and the toxins around us, to the societal narratives that tell us how we 'should' be living! These questions only got louder when our son came along and since then we have been on a journey to find ways to live more simply, more sustainably, with less toxins and in a way that is in harmony with nature. It turns out, there are a fair few of us looking to do just the same! 

Previously, I worked in the construction industry for around 25 years, many of those spent running my own building business. During this time I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of environmentally friendly material choices and subsequent waste from more modern building methods. I just knew there had to be a better way, so I began researching alternatives and it sparked something in  me that wanted to completely change the way I'd been working, for the better!

Today you'll find me putting my heart & soul into researching & sourcing environmentally friendly materials to use for Wildly Crafted projects. I am very hands on overseeing the planning of a build, the construction and right the way through to the all important finishing touches. When I'm not building dreams for others, I love to be in, on or around the ocean and I'm still "trying" to surf after 17 years! 

Cara's background is in art & design. Being creative and making things look beautiful is definitely Cara's thing and it led her to running her own successful floristry and styling business for many years. Cara now home educates our son and works as an artist and illustrator with her own creative brand specialising in illustrated paper goods, gifts and home wares inspired by nature.


Cara is also co-founder and creative director of Wildly Crafted.  She has a creative hand in most things to do with the business other than actually building the cabins (which she'd probably have a go at given half the chance!).  In between all that, Cara is studying herbal medicine and loves creating herbal products and foraging for wild food to turn into colourful yummy dishes! 

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