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Sustainable Cabins & Treehouse's

 Nurturing a deeper connection with the natural world &
life's simple pleasures 

We work in harmony with nature to create bespoke wildly crafted eco friendly cabins & treehouse's made from sustainable materials. Each build is carefully designed to suit our clients needs whilst respecting the surrounding natural environment.

We also have our own range of cabins for you to choose from. This is a truly hassle free option where we have considered every part of the process to deliver a great service and high end product that has superb sustainability credentials. 

Our passion is to build in a low impact, low carbon way, using timber from well managed forests, alternative insulations such as hemp and wood fibre, reclaimed / repurposed materials and also utilising plants & green roofs which help to reduce our carbon footprint further, ensuring we look after our planet which will be home to our cabins for years to come!

Our vision is to craft amazing spaces in nature that allow us to slow down, relax, unwind & most importantly, come back home to our own true nature. Whether it be a holiday escape, garden retreat, home office, therapy room or creative studio, your dreams will be "Wildly Crafted" into reality!


The Simple Cabin

Simple by name, simple by nature without compromising on the usual quality to be expected from a Wildly Crafted cabin.

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The name Wildly Crafted comes from our love of natural materials and the way in which we like to work with them, crafting to a degree but letting them speak for themselves and keep a raw natural state, a blend of wild and tamed.

Building cabins and treehouses fits perfectly with this ethos, creating magical spaces for people to escape & find their way back to nature. Spaces that feel like they were organically grown in their surroundings, rather than constructed on a plot.​

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