Cabins & Treehouses

We work in harmony with nature to create bespoke wildly crafted eco friendly cabins & treehouses made from sustainable materials. Each build is carefully designed to suit our clients needs whilst respecting the surrounding natural environment.

Our passion is to build in a low impact, low carbon way, using timber from well managed forests, alternative insulations such as wool, hemp & wood fibre, reclaimed / repurposed materials and also utilising plants & green roofs which help to reduce our carbon footprint further, ensuring we look after our planet which will be home to our cabins for years to come!

Our vision is to craft amazing spaces in nature that allow us to slow down, relax, unwind & most importantly, come back home to our own true nature. Whether it be a holiday escape, garden retreat, home office, therapy room or creative studio, your dreams will be "Wildly Crafted" into life.


Our Story


The name Wildly Crafted comes from our love of natural materials and the way in which we like to work with them, crafting to a degree but letting them speak for themselves and keep a raw natural state, a blend of wild and tamed, creating either a rustic or contemporary look.

Building cabins and treehouses fits perfectly with this ethos, creating magical spaces for people to escape & find their way back to nature. Spaces that feel like they were organically grown in their surroundings, rather than constructed on a plot.

John has worked in the construction industry for around 25 years, the last 11 of which running his own building business, where he became increasingly frustrated with the lack of environmentally friendly material choices and subsequent waste from more traditional building methods.

With signs of climate change becoming more frequently obvious and now with a young family in tow, it became even more important to make the right choices. That is when we decided to set off in a new direction, with a clearer conscience and the intention to help in our own small way to secure our future on this beautiful planet for generations to come.

Thankfully John's wife Cara is as passionate as he is on creating a more sustainable future and has much creative flair and enthusiasm to bring to the table, so starting a business together that not only could support us but also fit in with our key values and principles was a natural progression for us all as a family.

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Low Impact - Sustainable - Eco Friendly

In Harmony with Nature

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Project Planning

Most of our builds don't require planning permission, but even with those that do, we can help to guide you through the process and have highly recommended architects and engineers on hand to bring your build seamlessly together.


Immy & Adam Cove

"We cannot thank John enough for his utter brilliance and craftsmanship in building our beautiful treehouse. 
It has exceeded all our expectations and we are absolutely in awe of John and what he has built for us. 
From the initial designs to the whole building process, his attention to detail and natural flare has shone.  Every part of our treehouse was built with so much love and care, and this shines throughout. 
We were hugely impressed by Johns working methods, and how conscientious he is to all aspect of his work. His guidance and support throughout the process made the whole build a pleasure. 
Our guests have all complemented hugely in how incredible the treehouse is, how unique and truly special it is - this is all thanks to John. 
We will certainly be using John for all future projects with complete confidence"

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