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Life on the waney edge...

What inspired the creation of Wildly Crafted and what motivated us to venture into the cabin building industry?

Our name 'Wildly Crafted" and the inspiration for our business came from seeds of change and an ironic twist of fate! I had long been frustrated with the environmentally damaging materials we were using in general building. However, I found it difficult to move away from them when they had been specified by the architect, client, or engineer.

Just as i was delving deeper into how I could make changes within my work, the building project I was about to start fell through, and I was invited to craft a treehouse holiday let!

As a family, we prioritise the environment and our health, making considered choices. Moving away from working with damaging materials became non-negotiable. My wife and I put our heads together and decided to create a business that reflects our core values.

Wildly Crafted was the way forward - a soulful business crafted from the heart, where we could build with materials we truly believe in. These materials are not only kinder to the planet but also far healthier for our clients to live with.

While working on that first treehouse project, I fell completely in love with the process of working with beautiful sustainable timber. I wanted to leave it in its perfectly imperfect form, yet shape and craft it to seamlessly come together in the building. hence, the name "Wildly Crafted”.

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